ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP – Shall be any incumbent local exchange carrier, as set forth in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 704.0135 who is also a telecommunications provider, as set forth in NRS 704.027.  Each Active Member shall be entitled to one (1) position on the Board of Directors of the Association and will be entitled to one (1) member vote.   Active Member companies owned or controlled by a common party, such as, but not limited to a holding company, shall be entitled to have only one (1) member on the Board of Directors to represent all member companies commonly owned or controlled.

   ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Shall be persons, firms, associations, companies or corporations engaged in the manufacture, distribution, provision or sale of telecommunications equipment, material or supplies and/or the provision of services to, or on behalf of Active or Industry Members.  Associate Members shall be entitled to one (1) Board of Directors’ position and one (1) member vote representing all Associate Members.