Since 1987, the NTA and its member companies have helped dreams come true for outstanding students in Nevada. In high school, these students began their journey of academic excellence, positive leadership and dedication to service. They are continuing throughout their careers to serve others and realize their full potential to change the world and create an enduring legacy. We at the NTA are proud to be a small part of their success.

     To help students complete their education, the NTA offers two scholarships, through which students can help to fund their studies. Please visit these links to learn more about our scholarship programs.

     The John and Mary Louise Christian was established in 1987. The Scholarship honors John and Mary Louise Christian who owned the Lincoln County Telephone System until their tragic death in an automobile accident near Panaca, NV in November 1986. John and Mary Louise were active in operating their company as well as being involved in continuing efforts for the economic development of Lincoln County and their hometown of Pioche.

     Established in 2014, the Nevada Telecommunications Association Member Companies Customer Scholarship is designed for dependent children of customers of the Association’s member local exchange telephone companies. Seniors graduating from a Nevada State high school and enrolling in an accredited college, vocational school or university are eligible for the Scholarship.

     All scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of representatives from member companies based upon the committee’s review of four (4) criteria:

1. Academic achievement
2. Curricular and extracurricular activities
3. Financial need
4. Written essay

     The NTA works closely with the Nevada Department of Education to disseminate our scholarship application. The scholarship application is sent out the first part of January each year. Completed applications are due no later than March 31st. If you are interested in applying please contact the career counselor office at your high school. They have the application and related material.


Past John and Mary Louise Christian Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2020Mark Bernales, son of Michael Bernales – CenturyLink
Zoe Dockery, daughter of Richard Dockery and Deborah Drayster-Dockery
Ryan McMurray, son of Sean and Margaret McMurray
Angelina Picone – daughter of Nick and Donna Picone
2019Luke Knutson, son of Craig and Janet Knutson – Innovative Systems
Gretchen Wulfekuhle, daughter of Patrick and Gina Wulfekuhle – CenturyLink
2018Caitlyn Somers, daughter of Torry and Wendy Somers – CenturyLink
Joshua Lee, son of Anthoni and Anjanette Lee – Moapa Valley Telephone
2017McKenzie Feest, daughter of Mark and Racquel Feest – CC Communications
Landry McIntosh, daughter of Shayne McIntosh and Tamara Morehouse – Innovative Systems
Kyle Lyon, son of Aaron and Anita Lyon – Moapa Valley Telephone
Jaret Tietjen, son of Josh and Heather Tietjen – Reliance Connects
2016Kathryn Hansen, daughter of Karen and James Hansen – CenturyLink
Rachle Lee, daughter of Anthoni and Anjunette Lee – Moapa Valley Telephone
Sierra Shaver, daughter of Donald and Gina Shaver – CenturyLink
Luke Collier, son of David Collier – AT&T – Nevada
Brynne McMurray, daughter of Sean and Maggie McMurray – Moapa Valley Telephone
Matthew Ramos, son of Hector and Carol Ramos – CenturyLink
2015Kenneth Carter, son of Heidi Carter – Reliance Connects
Alyssa Marlow, daughter of Scott Marlow – AT&T – Nevada
2014Taylor Lauten, daughter of Phil and Karen Lauten – CenturyLink
Grady Mayo, son of Jamie and Colleen Mayo – CenturyLink
Shelby Lawry, daughter of Gary and Amy Lawry – CC Communications
2013Danielle Lyon, daughter of Brad Lyon – Moapa Valley Telephone
Robert Scholes, son of James Scholes – CenturyLink
2012Haily Plumb, daughter of Lynne and Corey Plumb – CC Communications
Kenia Jones, daughter of Ranese Merritt-Jones – CenturyLink
Tyler Hilt, son of Paula Hilt – CenturyLink
2011Alexis Booth, daughter of Cheryl Booth – CenturyLink
Stephanie Lyon, daughter of Brad Lyon – Moapa Valley Telephone
Mallory Morgan, daughter of Jim and Marion Morgan – CC Communications
2010Hank Boone, son of Deborah Reyes-Boone, Reliance Connects2009David Tilley, son of David A. Tilley, Sr., CC Communications
Lance Horner, Son of Diane Camacci, AT&T-Nevada
2008Jennifer Neil, daughter of Larry & Angela Neil, Moapa Valley Telephone
Cynthia Jean Gubler, daughter of Warren R. Gubler, Embarq
2007Alexandra Rene’ Pearce, daughter of Lynn Pearce, CC Communications
Nicholas Cruz Blevins, Son of Genevieve Ramirez, Embarq
2006Leigh Erin Armijo, daughter of Tony & Helen Armijo, AT&T-Nevada
Rebecca Clair White, daughter of Dale and Gail White, CC Communications
2005Lena Chaihorsky, daughter of Alex & Natasha Chaihorsky, SBC
Ted Walker, son of John & Lucinda Walker, Rural Telephone
2004Amanda Mae Kretschmar, daughter of Kristine Kretschmar, Sprint
Darcie Lee Green, daughter of Ken Green, Rio Virgin Telephone
2003Chenay Michele Pointer, daughter of Sharon & Dennis Pointer, Sprint
Chelsea Marie Ward, daughter of David & Lorna Ward, Nevada Bell retired
2002Krystal Hoover, daughter of Jerry Hoover, CC Communications
Emerald Gipson, daughter of Frankie Dickens, Sprint
Amy Lynn Walker, daughter of John & Lucinda Walker, Rural Telephone
2001Brian Lee Boydstun, son of Emily Boydstun, Nevada Bell
Sierra Louise Ward, daughter of Dave & Lorna Ward, Nevada Bell
2000Lindsay Michelle Menes, daughter of Wendy Menes, Nevada Bell
Dallas Marie Howard, daughter of Brenda Grimes, Nevada Bell
Amy Lynn Walker, daughter of John & Lucinda Walker, Rural Telephone
1999Leah Barta, daughter of Sherry Barta, Nevada Bell
Kelly Dawn Soper, daughter of Walter Soper, Rio Virgin Telephone
1998Jamie A. Laguzza, daughter of Lyn Laguzza, Nevada Bell
Arantza Ugalde, daughter of Judy Ugalde, Citizens Communications
1997Janna C. Austin, daughter of Jerry Austin, Sprint
Jeremy Bunker, son of Luana Dolfin, Citizens Communications
1996Lisa B. Shaffer, daughter of Jim Shaffer, Sprint
Tiffany J. Yuill, daughter of Lynell Meecham, Nevada Bell
1995Jera S. Austin, daughter of Jerry Austin, Sprint
Jennifer D. Hinker, daughter of Donna Hinker, Nevada Bell
1994Janarah Jensen, daughter of Kelly Bundy Jensen, Rio Virgin Telephone1993Leslie Lundberg, daughter of Dennis Lundberg, Sprint
Jill Oliver, daughter of John Oliver, Sprint
1992Daniel Fitzgerald, son of Judy Fitzgerald, Centel
Paul Genesse, son of Rosemary Forsyth, Nevada Bell
1991Mikalee Byerman, daughter of James Byerman, Nevada Bell
Ann Constantino, daughter of Angelo Constantino, Centel
1990Michele Duke, daughter of William Duke, Contel of Nevada
Annette Perkowski, daughter of Charles Perkowski, Centel
1989Stacie Hemmerling, daughter of Ann Hemmerling, Nevada Bell
Sean Woyciehowski, son of Ron Woyciehowski, Nevada Bell
1988Stephanie Trakas, daughter of Nick Trakas, Nevada Bell
Jerry Hendershot, son of Carol & Jerry Hendershot, CP National

Past Customer Scholarship Recipients

20212020Leah Schemenauer, daughter of Jeff and Cindy Schemenauer – AT&T Nevada
Maria Whitaker, daughter of Brad and Kathryn Whitaker – CC Communications
2019Sabrina Jaynes, daughter of Robert Jaynes – AT&T-Nevada
Kieth Mason, guardian of Lewis and Cynthia Mellott – CC Communications
Melanie Sanchez, daughter of Robert and Martha Sanchez – AT&T-Nevada
Elizabeth Stephens, daughter of Bert and Summer Stephens – CC Communications
Anna White, daughter of Mark and Janeen White – Frontier Communications
2018Emmy Thompson, daughter of Greg and Carolyn Thompson – Moapa Valley Telephone
Liberty Johnson, daughter of Robert and Marianne Thompson – Frontier Communications
Macy Morgan, daughter of Michael and Diana Morgan – Moapa Valley Telephone
2017Mattie Johns, daughter of Mike and Debra Johns – Frontier Communications
Jarod Pieller, son of Mike and Kim Pieller – Frontier Communications
Michael Richards II, son of Michael and Susan Richards – CC Communications
Larissa Siqueira, daughter of Ricardo and Amanda Siqueira – CenturyLink
2016Andrea Leavitt – Moapa Valley High School – Moapa Valley Telephone
2015Jacob Jones – Carson City High School – AT&T – Nevada2014Adam Peterson – Carson City High School – AT&T – Nevada
Kimberly Lewis – Pahranagat Valley High School – Lincoln County Telephone
Kelsey Viana-Wittwer – Mineral County High School – AT&T – Nevada
Kennedy Huntsman – Pahranagat Valley High School – Lincoln County Telephone
Vada Ortiz – Moapa Valley High School – Moapa Valley Telephone
Sariah Baine – Pahranagat Valley High School – Lincoln County Telephone