Niels Fugal
Niels Fugal Niels Fugal Sons Company has been serving the utility construction industry since the late 1920's and is recognized today as a well-known leader in the telecommunications and natural gas construction industry. It has been a leader, not a follower. Technology has improved, and the company has been and will continue to be on the cutting edge of those changes.

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Rocky Mountain West Telecom Fugal
Niels Fugal We are a professional consulting and engineering firm, investing in people, processes, systems and technologies to deliver value in terms of performance and speed.

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Nevada Telecommunications Association


The 61st Annual Convention
MontBlue Resort - South Lake Tahoe, NV
August 12-13, 2019
Mike Eifert - NTA

Linda Stinar (Chair) - CenturyLink
Brad Lyon - Moapa Valley Telephone
Mark Feest - CC Communications
Cameron Francis - Beehive Telephone
Buck Spears - S&S Solutions

Mike Eifert (Chair) - NTA
Linda Stinar - CenturyLink
Gary Earl - Truleap Technologies
Dave Collier - AT&T - Nevada
Harold Oster - Reliance Connects

Linda Stinar - CenturyLink
John Christian - Lincoln County Telephone
Mike Eifert - NTA

Randy Robison (Chair) - CenturyLink
Mark Feest - CC Communications
Randy Brown - AT&T - Nevada
Doug Musgrave - Humboldt Telephone
Charlie Born- Frontier Communications
Mike Eifert - NTA

Dave Collier (Chair) - AT&T - Nevada
Linda Stinar - CenturyLink
Doug Musgrave - Humboldt Telephone
Charlie Born - Frontier Communications
Mike Eifert - NTA

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Tel. (775) 827-0191
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Cooper Provides comprehensive legal representation on matters of importance to telecommunications providers, their business partners and their principals since 1896.

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Team Fishel
Team Fishel Serving the telecommunications industry since 1936, Team Fishel is the Best Choice for Utility Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance.

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