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Central Office Consolidation Could Get Boost from Calix Broadband Equipment

Joan Engebretson of Telecompetitor highlights the various systems in the E-Series family and how the E3-2, E7-2, and E9-2 can drive central office consolidation and the delivery of NG-PON2.

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November 9-10 2016 - South Carolina Telecommunications and Broadband Association (SCTBA) Fall Conference and Showcase DoubleTree Hotel, Columbia, South Carolina

November 9-10 2016 - Iowa Communications Alliance Impact Conference Doubletree by Hilton, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

November 15-16 2016 - Virginia Telecommunications Industry Association (VTIA) Annual Meeting Ginter Dining Room, The Hotel Jefferson, Richmond, Virginia

November 17 2016 - Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA) Small Company Meeting State College, Pennsylvania

November 30 2016 - December 1 2016 - Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA) 35th Annual Showcase Billings Hotel & Convention Center, Billings, Montana

December 5-7 2016 - North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives Annual Meeting Ramkota Hotel, Bismarck, North Dakota

December 6-7 2016 - Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association Fall Conference Holiday Inn South, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

December 7 2016 - Nebraska Telecommunications Association Cornhusker Marriott, Lincoln, Nebraska

December 7-8 2016 - Indiana Broadband and Technology Showcase (IBTA) Conference Indianapolis Marriott North, Indianapolis, Indiana

January 11-12 2017 - WSTA - Wisconsin's Broadband Association Broadband Forum Holiday Inn, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

January 12 2017 - Washington Independent Telecommunications Association (WITA) 2nd Quarterly Member Meeting Indian Summer Golf and Country Club, Olympia, Washington

January 22-25 2017 - Alaska Telephone Association (AKA) 2017 Winter Conference Wailea Beach Resort & Spa, Wailea, Hawai

January 25 2017 - South Caroline Telecommunications and Broadband Association (SCTBA) Telecom Day Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, Columbia, South Carolina


November 2016, Volume 169           Serving the Industry for over 58 Years           Editor: Mike Eifert

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USAC Publishes Capital Investment Allowance Results for RoR Carriers

     The Wireline Competition Bureau announced on September 30, 2016, that USAC published resources to aid rate-of-return carriers in determining their Capital Investment Allowance, which sets a maximum for capital investment expenses that a rate-of-return carrier may include for purposes of calculating HCLS and CAF BLS. [Source: Washington Watch, 10/04/2016]

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Internet of Things Devices Used to Orchestrate Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attack

     A number of major internet sites were affected by a distributed-denial-of-service attack against web service provider Dyn on Friday. The source of the extensive attack is still being investigated, but it is clear that the hackers infected internet-connected household devices and used them in the attack. USA Today (10/23), (10/21) [Source: USTelecom dailyLead, 10/24/2016]

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FCC Adopts Broadband Privacy Rules

     The FCC released a Notice announcing the Commission has adopted an Order at its October 27, 2016 Open Meeting, adopting rules that require broadband ISPs to protect the privacy of their customers. The rules separate the use and sharing of information into three categories: opt-in, opt-out and exceptions to consent requirements. The rules also include transparency requirements, a requirement that broadband providers engage in reasonable data security practices, guidelines on steps ISPs should consider taking, and common-sense data breach notification requirements. The scope of the rules is limited to broadband service providers and other telecommunications carriers, and do not apply to the privacy practices of web sites and other edge services over which the Federal Trade Commission has authority. [Source; Washington Watch, 10/27/2016]

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USTelecom Seeks Waiver of Lifeline Eligibility Requirements

     USTelecom filed a Petition on October 3, 2016, seeking a waiver of the revised rules 54.400(j) and 54.409(a), and applicable sections of the Lifeline Reform Order to permit Lifeline providers to continue enrolling consumers in the federal Lifeline program based on state-specific program and income eligibility criteria in the states reflected in Attachment A. USTelecom asserted multiple stakeholders have legitimate concerns regarding the inconsistencies between federal and state eligibility criteria resulting from the Lifeline Order, as it noted in its Petition for Reconsideration of the Order. USTelecom said such waiver should expire at the earlier of 18 months from its grant or 60 days after the state notifies the Commission and all ETCs in the state that it has aligned its eligibility criteria with the federal criteria. [Source; Washington Watch, 10/05/2016]

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NTCA and WTA Seek Waiver of Provisions of Lifeline Reform Order

     NTCA and WTA filed a Petition on October 24, 2016, seeking a temporary waiver of the language contained in the Lifeline Reform Order that requires ETCs receiving high-cost support to offer a Lifeline-supported standalone broadband offering where the ETC is required to offer Lifeline-supported BIAS. NTCA and WTA said the high-cost USF programs that enable the provision of standalone broadband offerings by RLECs in rural areas provide insufficient support to ensure reasonable comparability between the rates paid by rural and urban consumers. They also argued until the High-Cost USF mechanism enables access by all rural consumers to standalone broadband services at reasonably comparable rates, it would be futile for RLECs to undertake the effort to create and track specialized standalone broadband Lifeline offerings for low-income rural consumers. [Source; Washington Watch, 10/25/2016]

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AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon Suggest FCC Replace Part 32 With GAAP

     AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon met with Wireline Competition Bureau staff on October 11, 2016, to suggest the FCC replace the Part 32 rules with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles accounting. They agreed maintaining the Part 32 account structure is a reasonable approach and recognizes the Commission will likely want to look at multiple years of data in the event it ever needs to review the accounting data. They also agreed that the possibility of increases in pole attachment rates resulting from the change from Part 32 rules to GAAP is an important concern on which the industry will follow up subsequently with Commission staff. [Source; Washington Watch, 10/17/2016]

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