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OFS Launches WIDEly-Anticipated Multimode Fiber

OFS announced the launch of its LaserWave FLEX WideBand Multimode Fiber at the BICSI 2015 Fall Conference in Orlando. Developed to enable next-generation short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) applications, this new wideband multimode fiber also meets the demanding requirements of today's OM4 applications.

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Up Coming Events

November 2-4, 2015 - California Communications Association Annual ConferenceTenaya Lodge, Yosemite, California

November 4-5, 2015 - Iowa Communications Alliance (ICA) Impact Conference (11.4.2016)Ames, Iowa

November 8-12, 2015 - NECA EXPO 2015Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

November 19, 2015 - Pennsylvania Telephone Association Small Company Meeting State College, Pennsylvania

November 30 - December 2, 2015 - North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives Annual Meeting (11.30.15)Ramkota Hotel, Bismarck, North Dakota

December 2-3, 2015 - Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA) 34th Annual ShowcaseHoliday Inn Grand Montana, Billings, Montana

December 8-9, 2015 - Indiana Broadband and Technology Association (IBTA) ConferenceIndianapolis Marriottt North, Indianapolis, Indiana

January 13-14, 2016 - Wisconsin State Telephone Association (WSTA) Broadband ForumHoliday Inn, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

January 24-27, 2016 - Alaska Telephone Association (ATA) Winter ConferenceWaikoloa Beach Marriott, Waikoloa, Hawaii

February 3-5, 2016 - Louisiana Telecommunications Association (LTA) 68th Annual ConventionHotel Monteleone, New Orleans, Louisiana

February 8-10, 2016 - Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) Marketing SeminarKalahari, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

February 16-17, 2016 - Georgia Telecommunications Association (GTA) Annual Vendor ShowcaseMarriott Macon City Center, Macon, Georgia

February 23-25, 2016 - California Communications Association (CalCom) Showcase & Tech ExpoSacramento, California

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November 2015, Volume 158           Serving the Industry for over 57 Years           Editor: Mike Eifert

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The Nevada Telecommunications Association 2016 Annual Convention will be held at Harvey's Resort August 16th and 17th in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Stay tuned for more information...

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Telecom services rank high in customer satisfaction

     Telecom companies are among the highest-ranking providers of residential Internet, television and telephone services, according to a recent series of J.D. Power surveys. Key findings across three studies found that Verizon garnered the top spot for ISP customer satisfaction in the East, the South and West, while AT&T ranked first in the North Central region. In terms of telephone service, AT&T received the highest ranking in customer satisfaction in the North Central and West regions, with Verizon securing the leading position in the East and South. Read more. [Source: USTelecom dailyLead, 10/09/2015]

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City-Run Broadband Internet Is a Disaster in the Making
By Kevin Glass

     Government Internet is coming to a city near you. The only question is if anything can be done to stop the politicians scheming to bring it.

     Across the country, there's been an explosion in what are euphemistically called "municipal broadband" projects-government-funded and operated broadband services that are competing with community service providers that have been operating for years. All across the country, from Newark, Delaware, to Seattle, Washington, government officials are exploring the possibility of sinking hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into these projects. Read more...

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NASA gets ready to test broadband from space
By David Nield Tech Radar

     NASA's compact CubeSats have phoned home to confirm they're in orbit and ready to start communicating with Earth - and that means the space agency can begin testing the viability of getting broadband to and from space.

     You won't be able to ditch Sky or BT for NASA anytime soon, unfortunately, but this is another significant step towards a fully functioning system that could eventually provide downloads speeds of 200Mb/s for the people of our planet. Full Story...

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WCB Releases ACAM Version 2.0 and Illustrative Results

     The Wireline Competition Bureau issued a Public Notice on October 8, 2015, announcing the release of the Alternative Connect America Cost Model v2.0 for potential use in rate-of-return areas. Version 2.0 incorporates the results of the Bureau's study area boundary data collection and further updates the model. The Bureau also released results that illustrate how different per-location funding caps used in calculating support affect the potential support calculated for a particular study area. The Bureau said the model methodology for v2.0 will be made available shortly after v2.0 is publicly released. [Source: Washington Watch, 10/09/2015]

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NTCA Discusses FCC Bifurcated Approach for USF Reform

     NTCA spoke with Commissioner O'Rielly's Legal Advisor on October 8, 2015, to discuss materials submitted by USTelecom, NTCA, ITTA and WTA on the FCC's potential use of a bifurcated approach to cost recovery as part of its USF reforms. NTCA also discussed the need to clarify the questions that are still outstanding related to the FCC's bifurcated approach and other potential reforms. [Source: Washington Watch, 10/15/2015]

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Orders on Copper Retirement Effective November 18

     The FCC published the Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration in the Federal Register on October 19, 2015, requiring providers to directly notify retail customers of plans to retire copper networks at least three months in advance and to notify interconnecting carriers at least six months in advance. The FCC also denied USTelecom's Petition for Reconsideration of the November 2014 Declaratory Ruling that concluded the term service in section 214(a) is defined functionally and not solely with reference to a carrier's tariffs. The Orders are effective November 18, 2015, except for sections 51.325(a)(4) and (e), 51.332, and 51.333(b) and (c), which require OMB approval. [Source: Washington Watch, 10/19/2015]

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Republicans to look at net neutrality's effect on economy
By David McCabe and Mario Trujillo, The Hill

     THE LEDE: The economic effect of net neutrality regulations are slated for review this fall at the House Energy And Commerce subcommittee on communications and technology.

     "We've got a full plate: Fall highlights include FCC oversight, taking a closer look at how the commission's net neutrality rules impact our fragile economy, as well as what can be done to foster continued deployment of broadband networks," subcommittee Chair Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) said in a statement regarding the panel's hearing schedule. Full Story...

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Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on USDA Rural Development

     The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies held a hearing on October 21, 2015, on USDA Rural Development. Among the witnesses was Brian Boisvert of Wilson Communications, testifying on behalf of NTCA. He said USDA's Rural Utilities Service plays a crucial role in rural broadband deployment, and said rural telecom providers and lenders such as RUS must have regulatory certainty before they can make greater investments in the networks of the future. He said one important key to regulatory certainty is a broadband-oriented support mechanism for small, rate-of-return carriers, which gives rural consumers options in selecting the services that best fit their needs on the networks the mechanism helps to enable and sustain. [Source: Washington Watch, 10/22/2015]

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