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Calix ConneXions 2017

October 28-31, Wynn Las Vegas for details
Calix ConneXions Innovation and User Conference was created to help service providers see a clear path to the infinite possibilities on the horizon. Join us at 2017 Calix ConneXions this October and learn, share, get inspired, and connect with world class speakers, experts, over 2000 of your peers and industry partners. We've taken your feedback, and transformed the industry's favorite conference into an event that will not only be bigger and better, but can be uniquely tailored to you. Register now.

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Up Coming Events

June 1 2017 - Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA) Small Company Meeting The Penn Stater, State College, Pennsylvania

June 4 - 7 2017 - New York State Telecommunications Association (NYSTA) 96th Annual Conference Inn on the Lake, Canandaigua, New York

June 4 - 7 2017 - Oklahoma Telephone Association (OTA) and Arkansas Telecommunications Association (ATA) Joint Summer Conference Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

June 5 - 7 2017 - Oregon Telecommunications Association (OTA) and Washington Independent Telephone Association (WITA) Joint Annual Meeting Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington

June 11 - 13 2017 - Illinois Telecommunications Association Annual Convention Tan-Tar-A Resort, Osage Beach, Missouri

June 14 - 16 2017 - Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc TSTCI) Spring Managers' Conference Pearl South Padre, South Padre Island, Texas

June 24 - 29 2017 - Georgia Telecommunications Association (GTA) 95th Annual Convention Hammock Beach Resort, A Salamander Golf & Spa Resort, Palm Coast, Florida

June 25 - 27 2017 - North Carolina Telephone Cooperative Coalition 2017 Tri-State Telecom (VA, SC & NC) Conference & Exhibitor Showcase Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort, Cherokee, North Carolina

July 10 - 12 2017 - Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA) 115th Annual Convention The Hotel Hershey, Hershey, Pennsylvania

July 10 - 12 2017 - North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives (NDATC) Summer Conference Medora Community Center, Medora, North Dakota

July 19 - 20 2017 - Colorado Telecom Association (CTA) Summer Meeting & Vendor Showcase Ameristar Hotel, Black Hawk, Colorado

July 23 - 26 2017 - Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association (MTIA) Summer Conference Hilton Branson Convention Center & Hotel, Branson, Missouri

July 26 2017 - North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives (NDATC) Coop Day Minot, North Dakota

August 2 - 3 2017 - Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc (TSTCI) Futures Retreat Harvey's Resort, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

August 7 - 9 2017 - Nevada Telecommunications Association Annual Convention Harrah's Resort, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

August 20 - 22 2017 - South Dakota Telecommunications Association (SDTA) Annual Meeting The Lodge at Deadwood, Deadwood, South Dakota

August 27 - 30 2017 - Texas Telephone Association (TTA) Product Convention and Showcase Horseshoe Bay Resort, Marble Falls, Texas

August 28 - 30 2017 - Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA) Annual Meeting Red Lion, Kalispell, Montana


June 2017, Volume 176           Serving the Industry for over 59 Years           Editor: Mike Eifert

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Nevada Telecommunications Association 59th Annual Convention

The NTA convention is August 7th and 8th at Harrah's Resort in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Register now and take advantage of early bird pricing on convention and hotel rates!!
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Look forward to seeing everyone at the convention!!

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Majority of Seniors Now Use Broadband

     For the first time, more than half of older Americans have broadband at home, according to a recently released report from the Pew Research Center. The report found that 51% of Americans age 65 or older now have broadband at home. Roughly 67% of seniors use the internet and 42% -- more than triple the amount in 2013 -- now own a smartphone, according to the report. The figures represent a mile-marker for broadband adoption because seniors have historically lagged behind other age groups in using broadband internet service. Learn more... [Source: USTelecom dailyLead, 05/24/2017]

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FCC Freezes Local Rate Floor, Proposes Elimination

     At its May 18 Open Meeting, the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order in which it sought comment on eliminating the local rate floor for voice service and, in the interim, froze the rate floor while the NPRM is pending.

     Specifically, the FCC modified the waiver of further increases to the rate floor that it had previously issued, effectively freezing the monthly rate floor at $18. Pursuant to the modified temporary waiver, carriers will not be subject to any support reductions for any rate that is at least $18. This temporary freeze will remain in effect in order to prevent the further increases that would otherwise take place on July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018, unless or until the FCC takes further action in this proceeding.

     In the NPRM, the FCC seeks comment on whether it should change the current rate floor methodology or eliminate the rate floor and its accompanying reporting obligation entirely. The FCC asks whether it should allow carriers to charge a rate that is one standard deviation below the average urban rate; or replace the single, national rate floor with state or regional rate floors; or even eliminate the rate floor altogether? Comment deadlines for the NPRM have not yet been established. [Source: BloostonLaw, 05/24/2017]

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FCC Extends Separations Freeze Through December 2018

     The FCC issued a Report and Order on May 15, 2017, extending through December 31, 2018, the existing freeze of the rules on jurisdictional separations. The FCC said it extended the existing freeze of Part 36 category relationships and jurisdictional cost allocation factors while it continues to work with the Federal-State Joint Board on Jurisdictional Separations to overhaul its separations rules. [Source: Washington Watch, 05/16/2017]

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FCC Adopts NPRMs to Reclassify Broadband as a Title I Service

     At the May 18 Open Meeting, the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing to remove BIAS from Title II regulation. Comments on the broadband reclassification NPRM are due July 17, and reply comments are due August 16.

     Specifically, the FCC proposes to classify broadband Internet access service as an information service instead of a telecommunications service, effectively removing it from Title II regulation. According to the NPRM, this is a three prong analysis that considers (i) the Communications Act, (ii) FCC precedent, and (iii) FCC policy. The FCC seeks comments on the rationale it provides for reclassifying broadband again.

     First, the FCC proposes that internet access does not meet the definition of "telecommunications" established by the Communications Act, to wit, the transmission, between or among points specified by the user, of information of the user's choosing, without change in the form or content of the information as sent and received. Rather, the FCC asserts that Internet users do not specify the points between or among which information is sent on the internet, and that ISPs routinely alter the form or content of the information sent through various technical operations, such as firewalls that block harmful content.

     Second, the FCC proposes that its precedent has always held that Internet access is an information service, citing various milestones such as the Stevens Report, in which the FCC first declared internet access to be an information service; the Cable Modem Order, in which the FCC classified broadband Internet access service over cable systems as an information service; the Wireline Broadband Classification Order, the BPL-Enabled Broadband Order, and the Wireless Broadband Internet Access Order, in which the FCC classified those respective broadband Internet access services as information services; and the original Open Internet Order, in which the FCC declined to reclassify broadband Internet access services.

     Finally, the FCC proposes that public policy supports its decision to return to Title I regulation for Internet access. Specifically, the FCC proposes that the reclassification of Internet access as a Title II service has led to "depressed broadband investment and reduced innovation because of increased regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty stemming from the rules adopted under Title II." The FCC is specifically seeking comment on how the classification of broadband Internet access service as a telecommunications service has impacted smaller broadband Internet access service providers, which it notes often lack dedicated compliance staffs.

     The classification of Internet access service as an information service would apply to both fixed and mobile service. The FCC further proposes to return mobile broadband Internet access to its original classification as a private mobile service. [Source: BloostonLaw, 05/24/2017]

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NTCA Discusses USF Contributions on RLEC Broadband Transmission Services

     NTCA met with Chairman Pai's Legal Advisor and Wireline Competition Bureau staff on May 22, 2017, to discuss the implications of RLECs electing private carriage treatment of broadband transmission facilities to avail themselves of relief from USF contribution obligations. NTCA urged the Commission to consider options to enable RLECs to avail themselves of the relief contemplated by the Rate-of-Return Reform Order without putting at risk receipt of USF support as also contemplated by that Order and by federal law more generally. [Source: Washington Watch, 05/24/2017]

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Pai Responds to Congress on Robocall NPRM

     Chairman Pai sent letters to Sens. Bob Casey (D- Pa.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) on April 21, 2017, in response to their letter expressing support for the Commission's NPRM and NOI to permit telecommunications providers to block spoofed robocalls. Pai said the proposed rules would permit providers to block spoofed robocalls when the caller uses an unassigned or invalid phone number, and allows providers to block spoofed robocalls when the subscriber to that telephone number requests that calls originating from that number be blocked. Pai also said the NPRM seeks comment on further steps the Commission could take to protect consumers and empower voice service providers to block illegal robocalls. [Source: Washington Watch, 05/01/2017]

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Rep. Pallone Introduces Infrastructure Package, including Broadband funding for Unserved Areas

     On May 17, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), the Ranking Member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, introduced a broad 21st Century infrastructure package that includes key areas within the Committee's jurisdiction, including broadband. Dubbed the "Leading Infrastructure For Tomorrow's America Act," or LIFT America Act, (H.R. 2479) the bill provides $40 billion over five years to deploy secure and resilient broadband, and to expand access for communities nationwide while promoting security by design. Three quarters of this funding would be used to deploy broadband in unserved areas of the country through a national reverse auction. The remaining funds will be given to states to distribute through separate state-wide reverse auctions. If there are no unserved areas in a state, the state may use the funding to deploy broadband in underserved areas, to deploy broadband or connective technology to schools and libraries, or to fund the deployment of Next Generation 9-1-1. [Source: BloostonLaw, 05/24/2017]

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