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Corning Introduces MiniXtend® HD Cable and MiniXtend Cable with Binderless FastAccess® Technology

Corning Incorporated announced two innovative optical cabling solutions that will help address future needs of the telecommunications industry. As global demand for bandwidth continues to explode, smaller cables with higher optical fiber counts are needed. MiniXtend HD cable features Corning® SMF-28® Ultra 200 fiber, the industry's first 200-micron fiber with a 9.2 micron nominal mode-field diameter (MFD), for seamless integration with existing networks.

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Up Coming Events

April 29-30, 2015 - Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA) Spring Conference(2) State College, Pennsylvania

May 12-14, 2015 - North Dakota Telephone Association TOC Conference Holiday Inn, Fargo, North Dakota

May 18-20, 2015 - Alaska Telephone 2015 Annual Meeting Cape Fox Lodge, Ketchikan, Alaska

May 18-21, 2015 - Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) 105th Annual Convention Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

May 20-22, 2015 - Kentucky Telephone Association (KTA) Annual Meeting(1) Marriott Griffin Gate Resort & Spa, Lexington, Kentucky

May 31- June 3, 2015 - Oklahoma Telephone Association (OTA) Summer Conference & Suppliers' Showcase(1) Dallas Hilton, Rockwall Lakefront, Rockwall, Texas

June 2-4 2015 - Indiana Telecommunications Association (ITA) Annual Convention(1) French Lick Springs Resort, French Lick, Indiana

June 2-4 2015 - Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) Annual Showcase & Tech Show Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

June 3-5 2015 - Oregon Telecommunications Association (OTA) and Washington Independent Telephone Association (WITA) Joint Annual Meeting Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

June 3-5 2015 - Oregon Telecommunications Association (OTA) and Washington Independent Telephone Association (WITA) Joint Annual Meeting Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

June 7-9 2015 - Indiana Telecommunications Association (ITA) Annual Convention(2) French Lick Springs Resort, French Lick, Indiana

June 13-16 2015 - Georgia Telecommunications Association (GTA) 93rd Annual Meeting The Westin & Convention Center, Jekyll Island, Georgia

June 18-20 2015 - Carolinas-Virginias Telephone Membership Asssociation (CVTMA) Annual Conference Myrtle Beach Marriott, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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April 2015, Volume 151           Serving the Industry for over 57 Years           Editor: Mike Eifert

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78th Nevada Legislative Session, NTA Bill Tracker

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Obama's Broadband Opportunity Council Aims to Spur Broadband Deployment

     President Obama's latest initiative to expand broadband availability, announced today, is to create a Broadband Opportunity Council charged with determining what various government agencies can do to help spur broadband deployment, competition and adoption. Heading up the effort will be Department of Agriculture Secretary John Vilsack and Commerce Department Secretary Penny Pritzker. Full story... [Source : Telecompetitor, 03/24/2015]

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Wall Street Journal: Sony, HBO, Showtime Want Internet Fast Lanes After All

     Just weeks after the FCC adopted new Net Neutrality rules, those rules could soon face their first test. The Wall Street Journal reports today that several content providers planning new subscription video streaming offerings have talked to major broadband providers about having their streaming services treated as "managed services." Content providers involved in ...Read more [Source: Telecompetitor, 03/24/2015]

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Rural Call Completion Recordkeeping and Reporting Rules Effective March 4

     The FCC published a Notice in the Federal Register on March 4, 2015, announcing March 4, 2015, as the effective date of its rules for rural call completion recordkeeping and reporting. Pursuant to paragraph 67 of the November 8, 2013 Order, originating long-distance voice service providers that have more than 100,000 domestic retail subscriber lines but do not make the initial LD call path decision for them are not required to comply with these requirements. Rather, the entity that makes these decisions for those providers' end-user customer calls must record and report data for those calls, and the originating LD voice providers must file a one-time letter by the date on which recording and retention is required to begin, explaining they do not make the initial LD call path choice for their subscriber lines and identifying the LD provider or providers to which they hand off their end-user customers' calls. [Source: Washington Watch, 03/04/2015]

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FCC Announces Connect America Cost Model for Voluntary Use by Rate-of-Return Carriers

     The Wireline Competition Bureau issued a Public Notice on March 6, 2015, announcing the availability of version 1.0.1 and illustrative results of the Alternative Connect America Cost Model that could be used for rate-of-return carriers that voluntarily elect to transition to model-based support. The Bureau said the A-CAM contains two modules: the first calculates costs for all areas of the country; the second calculates the support for each area based on those costs, and also said A-CAM v1.0.1 incorporates the minimum speed standard of 10/1 Mbps for use in determining the presence of a cable or fixed wireless competitor. The Bureau said the model results illustrate seven different scenarios, and noted that under all seven scenarios, more than half of the rate-of-return study areas in the country would receive more support if they elected voluntarily to receive model-based support than they do today under the legacy support mechanisms. [Source: Washington Watch, 03/10/2015]

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Commissioner Pai Releases Legal, Policy Dissent Summaries on Open Internet Order

     Commissioner Pai released his legal and policy summaries on March 12, 2015, outlining his dissent to the Open Internet Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling and Order that reclassified broadband Internet access service under Title II. Commissioner Pai said the FCC violated the procedural requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act by not proposing the rules being adopted via the notice-and- comment method, and claimed the Order violates Section 332 of the Communications Act by reclassifying mobile broadband Internet access service as a Title II telecommunications service. Commissioner Pai opposed the policy change of increased government regulation of the Internet and claimed the Order will lead to slower speeds, increased bills, and drive small broadband providers out of business. [Source: Washington Watch, 03/13/2015]

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78th Nevada Legislative Session

NTA Bill Tracking


AB 75

Revise provisions governing the regulatory obligations of a public utility upon seeking authority from the PUCN to increase annual gross operating revenues.


AB 179

Revises provisions governing personal information.


AB 200

Makes various changes to the program to provide devices for telecommunications to persons with impaired speech and hearing.


AB 433

Revises provisions governing interception of wire, oral or electronic communications.


SB 46

Exempts Public Utilities Commission of Nevada and Colorado River Commission of Nevada from the State Budget Act, State Personnel System and statutory limitation on maximum salary payable to persons employed by State.


SB 86

Revises provisions governing pipeline and subsurface safety.


SB 109

Revises provisions relating to county-owned telephone companies.


SB 112

Revises provisions relating to telecommunications (PMP/PIP).


SB 335

Makes various changes relating to the relocation of certain facilities that provide telecommunication services.



Makes various changes related to interpreters of sign language.

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Senate Bill Introduced to Improve Rural Call Completion Issues

     Sens. Amy Klobucher (D-Minn.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) introduced a bill on March 23, 2015, to improve rural communications and address call completion challenges. The Improving Rural Call Quality and Reliability Act would direct the FCC to establish basic quality standards for providers that transmit voice calls to help prevent the discriminatory delivery of calls to any and all areas of the country. The legislation also directs the FCC to require these providers to register with the agency. [Source: Washington Watch, 03/25/2015]

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